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Donor Wall
The Desert Art Center gratefully acknowledges the following donors who have provided funds to support of our mission. 

Michelanglo - $2,500+

West Coast Artists 2017, 2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010 2009 2008  

Carol Tallichet    2008 

Vaughan Davies & Barry Wiener  2017,  2016

Van Gogh - $500 to $2,499

Marion and Gregory Salter  2016

Shelby Allen     2016 

Michael Brown   2013 

Vaughan Davies   2015

Anna Delucca    2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010

John Kilborn in Memory of David Norton   2013 

Stephen Nicholas and Sally Benson  2009

The Desert Ensemble Theater  2016  2015  2014 2013 

Sam Pond in Memory of Nancy Pond    2011

Lawrence and Linda Zadra in memory of Robert Eck   2015

Rembrandt - $100 to $499

Paula Acosta     Terry Casella   

 Alan & Bonnie Cashman    Don Dietz       

Harry Demetre    Jim Fiedler     Joe Gotchalk     Tracy Jardin  

Timothy Johnson      Dotti Lynch       Lora Kaiser         

A.M. Lazer(Cheeky's)   Peter Mardon    Terry Masters    Shawn Savage  

David and Stephanie Salter     Jane Vogt Ron Taylor     Brad Zylstra


Alan & Lesley Beyer    Frank & Marilyn Clement    Jadali Daryoush 

Jim & Linda Ertel       Patricia Kazmaier      Patricia Jervik

Charles , Marillyn & Stephen Lindly,  Stephanie Moseley   


Renoir - $1 to $99

Shawn Abramowitz

Adele Beckenholdt    Kathy Bracamonte    Terry Casella  

Jane Fox    Adele Hill        MuffinHill         William Johnston                

Daniel Ken      Christine Lerch    Dotti Lynch     Elisabeth MacKinnon     

Jenny Maguire      Irene Ryan Maloney    Elaine Mathew

Robert McClean     Corine Muegge      David Salter   

Kathleen Scoggin     Jessica Schiffman    Ron Taylor

Eric W Van Ekelenburg         Robert Zimmerman


Anna & Joseph DeLuca     Adele Hill     Ronit Medicina   Robert Ruxin     

Megan  Sandoval  


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