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The art projects will be made with clay. Students will choose and make four projects using each of three methods of construction: slab, coil and pinch. Each session will utilize one of the three methods. Each project will be fired once and glazed twice. Information on construction, glazing and textures will be included in each of the projects.



Robert Rogers has been working in ceramics since the 1950's when he had his own Ceramic Studio. Besides decorating glass, he does beautiful china painting and has worked in sculpture. He enjoys molding young artists like he molds his clay.

Vicki Buchanan has been a student of clay for over 30 years. She has studied with Susan Peterson  at the University of California and Lucy Lewis in Idyllwild as well as many other famous potters. Vickie has traded pot with the potters from Acoma Mesa in New Mexico and Mata Ortiz from Mexico. Her work includes porcelain, raku, and saggar fire. She and her husband Max like on a farm in the San Gorgonio mountain Pass when they grow pistachios.

Rick Christie, I have studied Art and Ceramics at the University of Redlands, Cal State Long Beach, and College of the Desert. I am a member of the PS Art Museum Artists Council. I do my work at Silica Studios in Palm Springs. I recently retired from teaching Ceramics and Art at the high school level. I have shown my work in the American Museum of Ceramic Art, the College of the Desert Marks Gallery, the Burbank Fine Arts Gallery, the Riverside Art Museum and the Desert Art Center.


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