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Are you someone who loves to draw? Then this class is for you.

Students will focus on the building blocks necessary for drawing. The class spends time on sharpening observational skills and exploring the expressive quality of line using a variety of mark making tools. Each session will begin with drawing exercises to relax our minds for the more focused work of the day.

Starting with simple line drawings of everyday objects progressing to more complex compositions incorporating light and shadow. We will use objects, the natural world and our surroundings to further understand drawing. We will share our belief that each artist is unique and valued.



Julianna Poldi,  An award-winning artist, with current gallery representation in California and New York, Julianna holds an MFA in Arts and Consciousness from J.F. Kennedy University. A painter and workshop leader with over 25 years of experience, she teaches abstract acrylic painting with a method developed while working at Canyon Road Studio in Santa Fe. A native of the desert, Julianna finds the vast horizons and open skies to be endless source of inspiration.

Lisa Spencer,  Growing up in an art-centered family informed my passion for creative expression. Following my undergraduate degree I became an illustrator for magazines, educational projects and children's books. My work as a muralist for dioramas as well as a sculptor of botanical replicas for the natural history museums industry blended my both loves of history and science. Attending Michael Coyle's Atelier in Minnesota helped develop my abilities as fine artist. Having studied with both Terry Masters and Elaine Mathews my work has evolved to include Plein Air painting.  Teaching about creative process was a natural step forward. My classes are collaborative opportunities where every one builds their creative process with knowledge, experience, and support.

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