Middle school arts

middle school arts programs (MSAP)

DAC’s Middle School Arts Program is made possible by generous grants from The Reed Foundation and the Anderson Children’s Foundation.

Established in 2012, our Middle School Art Project provides hands-on art instruction to local middle school students of the Palm Springs Unified School District. These classes provide unique exposure to various art skills and media that they would not otherwise experience. Some of our students discover that art is the door to their future goals.  Art classes are for students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Typically, classes are held on four Saturday afternoons in the fall and four in the spring at the Desert Art Center. To register call Kevin Allen at 562-506-7406. See below for classes currently provided:


This class focuses on the building blocks necessary to begin drawing. Students learn to sharpen observational skills and explore the expressive quality of lines using a variety of mark making tools. Each session begins with drawing exercises to relax minds for the more focused work of the day.

We start with simple line drawings of everyday objects and progress to more complex compositions incorporating light and shadow. We will use objects, the natural world and our surroundings to further understand drawing. We will share our belief that each artist is unique and valued.

Clay Work

In this class students are given the chance to create four projects using each of the three most common methods of construction: slab, coil and pinch. Each session will focus one of these methods. Each project will be fired once and glazed twice. Information on construction, glazing and textures will be included in each of the projects.


Learn printing techniques using Linoleum Block, Mono prints, Styrofoam, Stencil, Collage to Make your own greeting cards, posters and more. 

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