Art Enrichment series

The Arts Enrichment program presents monthly arts related topics that strive to enrich the lives of our artist community at large.
Programs range from developing artist’s business skills to exploration in a variety of art mediums and demonstrations. 

The programs are held both online and live at the Desert Art Center September through May.
All programs are free to members and the public. 

If you have a topic to present or an idea for a program, please reach out to Lisa Loudin via email at education@desertartcenter.

just add water!

an introduction to water mixable oils

TUesday, december 14 at 4:30pm

 Desert Art Center

 550 N. Canyon Dr.

 Palm Springs, CA

If you’ve always wanted to try oil painting but are put off by mess, supplies and fumes, discover the flexibility of Water Based Oils! Water Based Oils are just as effective, and are super easy to use in the home and for outdoor Plein Air painting.
Kristin Olson Stone demystifies the process and shows you what can be achieved in this informative, free Arts Enrichment event.
Kristen Olson Stone is a multi-disciplinary artist who primarily paints in oils.  One of her favorite mediums is Cobra water mixable oils made by Rembrandt paints. In addition to providing tips on what to bring when al fresco she will give a live presentation on the paints. 
Through a live, in-person painting demonstration, she will explain:
*How these paints differ from traditional oils
*How to use these paints with brushes and/or palette knife work
*Best practices for how to travel with oil paints
*The chemistry behind them
*Drying time
*How and when to varnish 
*Water mixable mediums
*Why use water mixable oils?
Free paint samples will be available to attendees.  To see Kristen’s work, visit her website at 
or her teaching site which is
Desert Art Center Members can use the code JIANN20 to receive 20% off of any online or live workshop.
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