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Reception for Featured Artists Show: Kat Macdonald, Ellen Finan & Carol Listenberger

  • 01/03/2020
  • 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Studio Gallery Desert Art Center

Featured Artists Reception

Kat Macdonald, Ellen Finan and Carol Listenberger

The Desert Art Center presents three fiber artists for January’s featured show, running Jan. 3-Jan. 5 in the Small Gallery.

Ellen Finan

Ellen Finan works with wool to create felted vessels, scarves, and runners. Learning from Canadian artist Andrea Graham and American felter Jean Gauger, Ellen has trained for the past twelve years to explore the idiosyncrasies of wool when adding water and soap. In Saori weaving, the maker focuses on the moment, weaving without intention. This kind of weaving allows for the enfolding of the potentiality of the cloth. Saori weavers express their inner self in their creations, making one of a kind pieces often using up-cycled materials as weft to create a new aesthetic - wabi sabi, a rustic feel to the cloth.


Carol Listenberger

At one point in her life Carol Listenberger designed circuit boards. These days her work as an artist is focused on abstract acrylic painting and fiber arts, the latter of which calls on those very engineering capabilities as well as the art of planning. For Carol, fiber art is a combination of experimentation and planning, trying something completely new, while employing techniques that have been used for centuries. Combining elements with careful construction is key. Where painting offers quick gratification, fiber art offers a process of familiar handwork that develops slowly over the course of days, weeks and months. The goal is to create a final product that is visually pleasing, usable, and that retains the properties inherent to fiber – warmth, texture, softness, color.


Kat Macdonald

Kat Macdonald is a fiber artist whose work as a Saori weaver incorporates a lively, joyful use of color and texture. A writer and journalist by trade, Macdonald began her journey as an artist several years ago as a lace knitter and a traditional weaver. Once introduced to the world of freestyle Saori weaving, an art form created in Japan, Kat found a medium in which thread becomes paint, texture creates dimension and form introduces light and motion. Her pieces, both wearable art and wall tapestries, are unique, one-of-a-kind additions to the world of fiber art.

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