Over the first weekend each month, Friday – Sunday, DAC hosts a Featured Artist Show in the Studio Gallery.
These mini-shows spotlight the work of two or three member artists, usually in a combination of 2D and 3D artwork. 

Pat Plumeri  |  Kathleen Strukoff

April 8 – 10, Opening Reception April 8, 5 – 7pm

Patricia Plumeri – GLASS ARTIST

Patricia Plumeri left England in 1976 looking to pursue opportunities that were not available in her home country at that time. She worked in Accounting and Corporate positions that allowed her to climb the corporate ladder until 1993 when she opened up her own company that specialized in corporate and small business operations. After 20 years of tending her clients, it was time to retire and look for a different path.

That path led to the exploration of glass, it’s properties and the multitude of actions that are needed to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that can be created, be it by form or by function, the possibilities are endless. From conception, to color choices and design, the process to bring a piece of glass to completion includes cutting, shaping, fusing and cold working to enhance the beauty of the glass. 

Originally from England and before emigrating to America Patricia was fortunate to travel to many parts of the world, this desire to travel did not stop after coming to America, but opened up even more experiences to observe this world we live in and the diversity of this beautiful planet.

My inspiration for a glass design comes from what I observe in my daily life. Often, seeing something of beauty will trigger a desire to capture the feeling in glass. It can involve color, design or a relationship of images. For example, flying in an airplane over cities I was struck by the similarity of design to printed circuit boards, and sought to capture the idea in my next glass design. Ideas come from everywhere in life!

Artist Statement

 Running my own business required hard work and attention to detail.  Artistic creativity was not prized.  After retirement the shackles were thrown off, allowing me to let loose the creativity within me that had been stifled for so many years. The processes of how to combine glass together to fuse into beautiful objects appears to be never ending. The blending and fusing of creative thought and physical activity to bring about form and beauty to my art pieces.

As a tactile person, the pursuit of handling and making glass art satisfies all of my senses. From conception, to color choices and design, the process to bring a piece of glass to completion includes cutting, shaping, fusing and cold working to enhance the beauty of the glass. 

Kathleen Strukoff – Modern Colorist        


Painting “alla prima” or “at the first” is what thrills Kathleen most about painting.  Capturing the essence of a scene on location in one quick and energetic session when possible is the idea but she often takes those on location smaller paintings and develops them into larger ones in her atelier.  Kathleen uses a combination of palette knife and vigorous brushwork with bold colors to express her translation of the scene.  She is known for her brilliant colors and capturing the light whether it is a Vegas urbanscape or a landscape!


Kathleen’s love for painting landscapes began as a young girl growing up in New Mexico where she first started painting in the beautiful environment of northern New Mexico.  Like many artists, she was moved by the spectacular vistas and colors that you see in nature on a daily basis when you live in the high desert areas of this state.


After starting out as an art student in college, Kathleen took academic and professional paths that led her toward the business world but never lost her passion for oil painting and trying to capture the beauty of a landscape or a cityscape.  She loves the spontaneous nature of this form of painting and the effort of trying to capture the momentary impression of a place, time of day and the weather that is occurring at a moment’s notice. 


She takes particular joy in her alter ego as the “Palm Springs Pop Up Painter”




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